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Supermarket Manager Simulator

80 reviews
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Manage your own supermarket

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Supermarket Manager Simulator is an exciting simulation game where you run your own supermarket. In this addictive adventure you have to manage your inventory and staff to ensure your store is running smoothly while it is open to the public. If you like this kind of game and want to experience a good supermarket simulator, download the free Supermarket Manager Simulator APK and become the manager of the busiest supermarket in town.

Manage your inventory

One of the main aspects of the day-to-day running of your supermarket is inventory management. Before opening the store to the public, you should make sure that you have enough products to sell and have adjusted the prices according to the market rate. If you run out of stock you will have to place an order to replenish everything that is missing, place it on the shelves and adjust the prices once more. This task will be essential to being able to turn a profit every day, so try to manage everything related to the items for sale and their price if you don't want to go bankrupt.

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Manage your staff

Another aspect to keep an eye on is the staff that will be working for you. Every day, dozens of people will go to your supermarket, pick out your products, pass through the checkout and use up your stock. If you want to place orders, set out your inventory, change prices, charge customers and modify the store, you will need a good workforce to help you perform all these tasks. Hire and manage your staff to save time and money and make sure you manage your workers properly to get the most out of them.

Customize the store

One of the most fun aspects of Supermarket Manager Simulator is when it comes to customizing your store. You will start your adventure with a small shelf where you can place a few products, but as time goes by you will be able to expand your business, buying more shelves, large freezers and special refrigerators that you can place wherever you like. Design your store and create the supermarket of your dreams in Supermarket Manager Simulator.

Download the free Supermarket Manager Simulator APK and enjoy this fun challenge that will test your management and strategy skills. Manage a successful supermarket and become the best supermarket manager you can be.

Reviewed by Merche Contreras Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 5.1 or higher required

Information about Supermarket Manager Simulator 1.0.54

Package Name com.dmg.supermarket.simulator
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Strategy
Language English
Author Digital Melody Games
Downloads 602,894
Date Jul 5, 2024
Content Rating +3
Advertisement Not specified
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Older versions

apk 1.0.53 Android + 5.1 Jul 2, 2024
apk 1.0.51 Android + 5.1 Jun 30, 2024
apk 1.0.49 Android + 5.1 Jun 28, 2024
apk 1.0.47 Android + 5.1 Jun 15, 2024
apk 1.0.47 Android + 5.1 Jun 14, 2024
apk 1.0.47 Android + 5.1 Jun 13, 2024

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80 reviews


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elegantgoldeneagle64611 icon
1 week ago

Another game

oldwhiteapricot93865 icon
2 weeks ago


lazyreddog43914 icon
2 weeks ago

I liked the game a lot, but the problem is that it is not installed on old phones such as Android and so on

heavybrownnightingale28316 icon
3 weeks ago

customer more next update please

dmia13 icon
4 weeks ago

Very beautiful👍🏻✨

youngbluecrow84409 icon
1 month ago

Great game

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